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i fell prey to the feel-good PR of modest needs way back when. When contacted, one person in the office told me one thing then the higher-ups told me another.

In the end, I did not even get past a couple email(s). It appeared to boil down that I did not fit the popular-poor-person model (read:MSNBC style). I got some long winded explanation from them about who was more deserving or something like that and a slew of half-baked reasons why I did not qualify or why I was not deserving of their time. It was a wasted effort and yet another demeaning experience at a time when I did not need more insults.

I just gave up. They seemed to be more concerned with their image than actually helping. That was 8 years ago but every time I hear the MN name making the rounds in the media I cringe.

Sure, give them a try if you need help, but don't invest too much time in it. There are far more instances of MN not assisting people than the other way around.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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